POP & HOCKNEY Collection

Taking inspiration from the British and American Pop Art movement of the 1950’s, this collection features stylized boating motifs including an oversized anchor referring to Claus Oldenberg sculptures, various comic style boat medley graphics inspired by the paintings of Lichetenstein… The collection also references Andy Warhol with repeat graphics, Keith Haring comic style paintings, Alex Katz bold figures.

With names like ‘A Bigger Splash’, ‘Dreaming of California’ and ‘Portrait of an Artist’ you can be sure that we have got David Hockney’s pool paintings on our mind.
We are in love with Hockney’s pool paintings, but not just his canvas paintings representing pools. Our inspiration comes from the pools in which climbed in and painted the actual swimming pool, creating great arching motifs haphazardly with a roller.

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