Serious about unique design, finish, construction, comfort and fit…
Serious about quality, durability and sustainable choices…
Serious about having FUN and not taking LIFE too seriously!

Founded in 2019, FIVE PM SWIM breaks the codes of seriousness in luxury with a playful attitude that is designed to bring a smile and happiness to those who encounter the brand.

Pulling references from art and pop culture, with a touch of nostalgic and vintage references, Five PM SWIM is defined by its unique quirkiness. The typical FIVE PM girl is expressive, creative, and fun to hang out with.

Committed to making conscious and sustainable choices in the sourcing of materials and manufacturing, the collections are made with approximately 90% sustainable or recycled materials, and we are continually looking for ways to improve on this moving forward. Each garment is crafted in our dedicated FIVE PM SWIM atelier in Istanbul, by our team of skilled couture specialists.

We work with London based textile designer, Amelia Graham, to create unique prints for our themed collections that are just the right amount of cool and colourful.

We work in collections rather than seasons as we feel that great design is timeless.

No matter your age, location, race, or whatever other immaterial categories have divided the human race, jump into FIVE PM SWIM with us and unite in what is common to all humans: the desire to take pleasure in life and enjoy the moments!
The collections themes are:

‘FAB’ collection:

Throwing us back to happy days on the beach with an ice lolly. The pieces in this collection are all derived from icons of the ice cream world:
‘Fab’ with its three colour stripe and sprinkles is represented with colourful enamel beads. ‘Twister’ is a unique geometric stripe pattern in green and yellow or pink and yellow.
‘Oreo’ is a vivid textured black and white version of the geometric pattern.
Five PM’s unique ‘Waffle’ print conveys scooped ice cream with a waffle or a cherry on top. And classic ‘Neopolitana’ is built with a wide three colour panel stripe of vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.
What’s your flavour…?

‘POP’ & ‘HOCKNEY’ collection:

Taking inspiration from the British and American Pop Art movement of the 1950’s, this collection features stylized boating motifs including an oversized anchor referring to Claus Oldenberg sculptures, various comic style boat medley graphics inspired by the paintings of Lichetenstein… The collection also references Andy Warhol with repeat graphics, Keith Haring comic style paintings, Alex Katz bold figures.

With names like ‘A Bigger Splash’, ‘Dreaming of California’ and ‘Portrait of an Artist’ you can be sure that we have got David Hockney’s pool paintings on our mind.
We are in love with Hockney’s pool paintings, but not just his canvas paintings representing pools. Our inspiration comes from the pools in which climbed in and painted the actual swimming pool, creating great arching motifs haphazardly with a roller.

‘HOLIDAY’ collection:

This vibrant collection features soft velvets, pleats, pearls, mesh and ribbons of sparkling contrast to create flourishes of pure joy akin to a great holiday. Designed to be reminiscent of a beautiful natural light show created by the sun, sparkling on the top of rippling water.